Our company is a family buisness set up in 1979 by Mr. and Mrs MOYSIADES. They have been working for twenty years in a big unit producing spirngs in Switzerland.

Konstantinos Moysiades who was the chief engineer  of that company, had only one dream since he has started working in the manufacturing spring sector, to gain knowledge and experiences in order to return to his homeland and establish the first unit of spring production in Greece. At first he and his wife Katerina set up their business in a small basement in kalamaria, in Thessaloniki. Their  philosophy has always been the perseverance in quality, the adoption of technological advances and the absolute satisfaction of the customer.

After 6 years of hard and pesistent work, they moved their business in pribately-owned buildings at the 9th Km Thessaloniki-Athens national road. New buildings of 1300 m2 along with new mechanical equipment and collaboration with the biggest raw material suppliers contributed to the rapid  growth of the company. The business has now passed on the children of the family, Miltiades and Kyriaki who gave a new perspective to the company.

The hight quality of our products and services, certified with ISO 9001:2008  is supported by fully automated mechanical equipment by TUV HELLAS.

In 2008 we inaugurated our new stores of 500 m2 in order to serve our customers' needs for raw materials. The modernzation, the quality of our products and the rendering services in combination with the good relationship among the employees, the employers and our customers made the Moysiades'company the biggest springs producer in Greece and spring supplier for domestic and foreign industries.